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Please Help me to find this Font

11/10/2012 alle 23:44

could you help me to find this font?
is from a flyer of the soccer team Rayados (CFM) in Mexico.

Please Help me to find this Font

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13/10/2012 alle 15:28

please help, i need to do some flyers with this font. tnks XD

13/10/2012 alle 15:50

I'm not sure if it is a font - but there are fonts with 2 different As...

I don't know it - but if I was sweating to do a project - I'd try to use something close like Portland.

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13/10/2012 alle 18:35

Handwritten. Look at the a's.

13/10/2012 alle 19:18

it could be this
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