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Which font?

10/10/2012 alle 18:36

Could someone help me figure out the font used here. Thanks!

Which font?

Caratteri suggeriti

Frutiger  Suggeriti da Heron2001 
Myriad Pro Bold  Suggeriti da wnf 

10/10/2012 alle 18:50

I believe it is Frutiger 75 - Black you have there

But there is a font on Dafont that is close called Doris
Carattere suggerito: Frutiger

Modificato su 10/10/2012 alle 19:00 da drf_

10/10/2012 alle 18:53

Thanks Heron! Doris is pretty close, I'll just expand it a little!

10/10/2012 alle 18:57

You are welcome.

11/10/2012 alle 14:55

Carattere suggerito: Myriad Pro Bold

11/10/2012 alle 15:14

wnf - Myriad was based on Frutiger - however there are some very distinctive differences - in the case of the sample - check out the 'i' - Myriad has a dot - while Frutiger has the square - same as the sample.

11/10/2012 alle 15:18

Thank you for the information.

11/10/2012 alle 15:27

you're most welcome - hope you are having a nice day...

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