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The J and Y... any ideas?

05/10/2012 alle 15:36

Would be mucho happy to find this font... does it ring any bells?

Thank you!!!

PS - 80 sleeps 'til Santa

The J and Y... any ideas?

Modificato su 05/10/2012 alle 18:27 da drf_

Carattere Identificato

Korinna Bold  Suggeriti da Heron2001 

09/10/2012 alle 10:43

no joy? (badum ching)

now only 74 sleeps!

Thanks so much for sharing the expertise!

09/10/2012 alle 14:43

Carattere Identificato: Korinna Bold

09/10/2012 alle 21:51


Thank you so much!!!!

10/10/2012 alle 03:57

You are welcome.

10/10/2012 alle 04:25

pinkyburgerhead, I like your puns.

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