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Help me please !

03/10/2012 alle 16:50

What are there fonts please ? (Always Stay and Bienvenue sur mon blog....ect) Please it's important !

Help me please !

Caratteri Identificati

Hannahs Messy Handwriting  Suggeriti da fonatica 
Aztec Hipster  Suggeriti da SashiX 

03/10/2012 alle 17:11

LittleSunshiine ha detto  
Please it's important !

03/10/2012 alle 17:54

Yeah I know x) But yeah, This is important because I need it for a homework which is to make tomorrow :-)

03/10/2012 alle 18:39

better late than never...

03/10/2012 alle 18:43

Daams, why are you torturing her?
LittleSunshine, for the handwriting one, I don't know an exact match, but a lot of handwriting fonts here on dafont are similar.

03/10/2012 alle 18:50

Torturing ?

Modificato su 03/10/2012 alle 18:50 da daaams

06/10/2012 alle 14:08

I don't need this font now x) I've send my homework but I always need it because this font is so beautiful x)

06/10/2012 alle 19:37

Voilą ici votre police de "Bienvenue sur mon blog"
Carattere Identificato: Hannahs Messy Handwriting

08/10/2012 alle 17:59

Merci beaucoup :p Je pourrais avoir aussi ALWAYSSTAY s'il vous plait :3 Please can I have ALWAYSSTAY font please :3

09/10/2012 alle 21:25

here you go
Carattere Identificato: Aztec Hipster

10/10/2012 alle 09:56

Haaaaw :3 Biiiig thank you ! Thank you very much !

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