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Pls help me >.<

29/09/2012 alle 04:05

Pls help me to identify for both of them...

thx so much ..

Pls help me >.<

Caratteri Identificati

Gotham Bold  Suggeriti da Heron2001 
Marketing Script  Suggeriti da Heron2001 

29/09/2012 alle 04:11

For Fire & Dine
Carattere Identificato: Gotham Bold

29/09/2012 alle 04:16

Bar and Restaurant
Carattere Identificato: Marketing Script

29/09/2012 alle 04:38

Thank you so much ^^

29/09/2012 alle 04:44

You are most welcome.

29/09/2012 alle 06:31

Heron2001 ha detto  
Bar and Restaurant

Marketing Script

*cough* Freehand 521 *cough*

29/09/2012 alle 13:15

Sorry Sashix - Please take a closer look especially at the "a" (the one in BAR) and then at the "t" (Dieter Steiffman redrew the font and made some distinctive changes) - the true match is yes, Marketing Script - which by the way use to be a commercial font too... but doesn't seem to be one anymore....

Please do something about that cough. I wouldn't want you carrying it over into winter....

29/09/2012 alle 15:48

Yes, ma'am, agreed 100% It's just my cough, prefers Freehand rather than Marketing script

29/09/2012 alle 16:05

I'm sure it does - but as you say 100% agreed about which font actually matches the sample given.

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