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No real identification ever made for LONSDALE logo.
Not a font, apparently, custom made.

Close to Rockwell Bold Condensed
but O is too "squary" condensed, N has a serif bottom right end,
D has a rounded belly, A has double-side serif top,
E has a serif center bar aligned with the right ends to "squarify" the block-logo

As far as i know, no Slab Serif Egyptian family font has all criteria all together.

MyFonts Query LONSDALE

Dafont Slab Serif Egyptian - My Selections

For instance, check
MyFonts : search Slab+Serif+Egyptian
(it takes an hour to go thru the 3863 results!)

MyFonts : Antique
MyFonts : Beetle
MyFonts : Bullpen
MyFonts : Churhward ConSerif
MyFonts : City Medium
MyFonts : Eckhardt Block
MyFonts : Goemetric Slabserif 703 Bold Cond
MyFonts : Memphis Medium (There use to be a Memphis Medium Condensed, seen in the Slabserif section of the Solotype Catalog, page 148, but it disappeared)
MyFonts : Neo Contact
MyFonts : OL Contact Classic
MyFonts : Rockxell Condensed
MyFonts : Serifa Cond Medium
MyFonts : Stymie Cond Medium
MyFonts : URW Egyptienne

Now the LONSDALE list is here to be completed by any one who wants to add his search-&-find!

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