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We will Rock you font?

26/08/2012 alle 21:13

We will Rock you font?

Carattere Identificato

The Quiet Scream  Suggeriti da frd 

26/08/2012 alle 21:22

Mix of fonts ?
Carattere Identificato: The Quiet Scream

26/08/2012 alle 21:39

Thank you! That is part of it. It has to be a mix, now to figure out the rest of it.

26/08/2012 alle 22:00

Now that I'm looking at it again, I think it's only made of this font. The "W" are made out of the "v", the "l" from "will" are made out of the "l" (which is an uppercase L in the font). Maybe the "i" is made out of an "l" too, but not sure about this one.

26/08/2012 alle 22:29

You are right! I recreated the letters from the same font. Thank you!

26/08/2012 alle 22:29

You're welcome

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