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como se llama esta fuente!? :)

22/08/2012 alle 04:52

como se llama esta fuente!? :)

Carattere Identificato

Nasalization  Suggeriti da frd 

Carattere suggerito

Handel Gothic  Suggeriti da Utente cancellato 452473 

Utente cancellato 452473
22/08/2012 alle 15:08

Kind of looks like Handel Gothic, but with some differences...
Carattere suggerito: Handel Gothic

23/08/2012 alle 05:27


23/08/2012 alle 10:01

Actually, it's Nasalization, but that's for sure only after looking at another sample :
Carattere Identificato: Nasalization

27/08/2012 alle 07:25

drf.. thanks!..

27/08/2012 alle 09:59

You're welcome

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