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Bluetoffee's Arabic-style typeface

31/07/2012 alle 03:13

Does anyone have any idea what typeface this is?

Bluetoffee's Arabic-style typeface

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5 AM Transit  Suggeriti da xhakai 
5AM Andrew  Suggeriti da kriskhaira 

12/09/2012 alle 06:46

Can someone help me with this?

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16/09/2012 alle 00:55

Carattere suggerito: 5 AM Transit

16/09/2012 alle 06:12

Whoa. Thanks!

16/09/2012 alle 06:19

It could also be 5AM Andrew.

According to the font description, the designer Andrew Galarza copied the examples that came with a calligraphy pen set which he bought at Barnes & Noble. It's highly possible that the designer of the BlueToffee Books logo had the same pen set and drew the logo from scratch with a calligraphy pen based on the same examples instead of using the font, hence the minor differences.

Thanks for the leads.
Carattere suggerito: 5AM Andrew

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16/09/2012 alle 08:10

Glad to help!
I was just browsing the site earlier today and came across this font and remembered your request

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