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Virgin Suicides folder (Air)

29/06/2012 alle 18:07

hi, id'like to know the name of the font used on Virgin Suicides OST's folder.

Virgin Suicides folder (Air)

Caratteri suggeriti

Macbeth  Suggeriti da claudeserieux 
Rubens  Suggeriti da claudeserieux 
Ravenscroft  Suggeriti da claudeserieux 

29/06/2012 alle 18:28

Carattere suggerito: Rubens

29/06/2012 alle 18:31

Carattere suggerito: Ravenscroft

30/06/2012 alle 11:21

there are too much differences with both of the suggestions...
and it's not one of these that could have been customized, as i found it used on a kill bill blu-ray menu as well...
thanks, whatever !

30/06/2012 alle 15:26

It's vintage (1897).

Another version
Carattere suggerito: Macbeth

30/06/2012 alle 17:22

this one fits better, despite some differences. Excelsis is another alternative (
where did you get the info about the date of 1897 ?

30/06/2012 alle 18:37

cris_ ha detto  
where did you get the info about the date of 1897 ?

J'ai seulement regardé dans le catalogue ATF de 1897.

La fonte date de 1884 et le design est de John K. Rogers pour Boston Type Foundry.

09/07/2012 alle 11:28

merci !

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