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28/06/2012 alle 02:38

I really thought this font would be easily recognizable in my list of fonts. After going through 480 fonts, I am stumped. I tried pulling the A and the W out on their own and using whatthefont, no luck with that either. So I'm calling in the big guns. Thanks in advance for any information on this one.


Carattere Identificato

Black Chancery  Suggeriti da claudeserieux 

28/06/2012 alle 03:50

letter A & W
Carattere Identificato: Black Chancery

Modificato su 28/06/2012 alle 03:54 da claudeserieux

28/06/2012 alle 03:53

Thanks Claude. That's the one!

28/06/2012 alle 03:54


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