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Drawing A Blank...Any Help Appreciated.

21/06/2012 alle 16:16

Drawing A Blank...Any Help Appreciated.

Caratteri Identificati

Eurostile Bold Extended #2  Suggeriti da NOTJORDANWALKER 
Microgramma Bold Extended  Suggeriti da dbgrafics 

21/06/2012 alle 16:21

Carattere Identificato: Eurostile Bold Extended #2

21/06/2012 alle 22:11

Commercial font. If you want to use it, buy it.
Carattere Identificato: Microgramma Bold Extended

Modificato su 21/06/2012 alle 23:48 da pilaster

22/06/2012 alle 00:39

@Rodolphe: Well, both fonts are similar, but not identical. You should mark only one in green on neither of them because of the small sample (IMHO, impossible to assure which one is it, i.e. both in orange )

Modificato 2 volte. Ultima modifica su 22/06/2012 alle 01:51 da SashiX

22/06/2012 alle 00:44

SashiX, check the history...

22/06/2012 alle 01:51

Aahh, hehe, sorry, thought it was you Name edited

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