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What this font?

21/06/2012 alle 09:34

What this font?

Carattere Identificato

Lubalin Graph  Suggeriti da frd 

Caratteri suggeriti

Rockwell  Suggeriti da marty666 
Memphis Medium  Suggeriti da NOTJORDANWALKER 

21/06/2012 alle 10:04

Carattere suggerito: Rockwell

21/06/2012 alle 10:16

The end of the arm on the "e" is in line with the cross bar of the e. It stops short on Rockwell.
Carattere suggerito: Memphis Medium

21/06/2012 alle 10:35

The top serif on the "A" doesn't match on Memphis
Carattere Identificato: Lubalin Graph

21/06/2012 alle 11:06

Ha, I knew there'd be a font with that ONE change. Though they could of done an edit to the font but no, there really is a font with one single change to one character hahaha.

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