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Breaking Bad

29/05/2012 alle 00:35

Hey I am trying to identify the font of the letters outside of the boxes (eaking & d), any help is appreciated. thanks

Breaking Bad

Caratteri suggeriti

Arial Bold  Suggeriti da bober2k 
Heart Breaking Bad  Suggeriti da Minecraft Logan 
Bundy  Suggeriti da Delbert Flood 

05/06/2012 alle 13:39

"Br" and "Ba" is:
Carattere suggerito: Arial Bold

17/12/2014 alle 05:58

Eaking and d is
Carattere suggerito: Heart Breaking Bad

Modificato su 17/12/2014 alle 05:58 da Minecraft Logan

17/12/2014 alle 09:40

22/11/2017 alle 05:18

"eaking" and "d" is the following:
Carattere suggerito: Bundy

Modificato su 22/11/2017 alle 05:19 da Delbert Flood

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