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I'd like to know these 3 fonts please :)

01/01/2023 alle 21:27

Thanks to all of you who will help me to find the name of the 2 or 3 fonts differents present in here !

I'd like to know these 3 fonts please :)

Modificato su 01/01/2023 alle 21:28 da zigzaag

Caratteri Identificati

Raleway  Suggeriti da mahalisyarifuddin 
Playfair Display  Suggeriti da jerseygirl 

02/01/2023 alle 07:48

Carattere Identificato: Raleway

02/01/2023 alle 13:38

thank's looking for the one above too if somebody has it !

02/01/2023 alle 18:55

Carattere Identificato: Playfair Display

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