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14/09/2021 alle 14:35


Carattere Identificato

Adhesive Nr. Seven  Suggeriti da nxckcxtxldi 

14/09/2021 alle 16:20

Looks like Adhesive Nr. Seven Regular - the O is slightly different, but all other characters match.
Carattere Identificato: Adhesive Nr. Seven

14/09/2021 alle 17:32

Even the "o" matches becaus it's an "a" ;-)

14/09/2021 alle 17:36

the word is called "chall"

14/09/2021 alle 17:56

My bad!

14/09/2021 alle 17:59

nxckcxtxldi ha detto  
My bad!

Not bad and thanks for the font name!

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