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Is it a font ?

26/04/2012 alle 16:59

Or a handmade font ? Do you know some font like this one, with big shapes.

Is it a font ?

26/04/2012 alle 18:26

Qu'est-ce que c'est supposé représenter ?

26/04/2012 alle 21:06

A "c".

26/04/2012 alle 21:38

why do u suspect this is a font? Do you have more characters than this "c"?

27/04/2012 alle 07:32

that´s a logotype, not a font =s

27/04/2012 alle 11:50

Yes, it's a logotype, so it's just the only one characters, but it could be a font, but imho it's a handmade logo and not a real font.
Do you know a font who is similar with this shape ?

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