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25/04/2012 alle 11:10

Does anyone know the font used in the word 'safari' please? I've seen this font used a lot and can't seem to pin down what it is. I don't think it's 'CHERI'. Grateful for any help you can offer!


Caratteri Identificati

Flip Flop  Suggeriti da deds 
Pupcat  Suggeriti da deds 

25/04/2012 alle 11:16

ps - am aware that the 'WAHM' is probably pupcat, please advise if I"m wrong!

25/04/2012 alle 14:33

Hello pinkybubbles,
for "safari" ("i" slightly modified).
Carattere Identificato: Flip Flop

25/04/2012 alle 14:36

"wham", "Pupcat" is ok.
Carattere Identificato: Pupcat

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25/04/2012 alle 14:49

Hi Deds - thanks so much, I have installed Flip Flop! Been wondering what that font was for some time and the closest I got was Cheri... However, the font will only download up to size 72, do you know if some fonts sizes are restricted? Thanks in advance for any advice!

25/04/2012 alle 15:09

Shareware font !
More info, site ==> ; Faq ==>

Restriction ==>

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25/04/2012 alle 15:36

Oh I'm learning lots today, thanks very much for both those links

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