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Similar Font?

24/04/2012 alle 13:39

I know that this font is "Romeo D" but was wondering if anyone knew of any similar fonts, all the one's I've found seem to be too short or don't quite have the same level of black and white balance.

Thanks in advance!

Similar Font?

Carattere Identificato

Romeo  Suggeriti da frd 

24/04/2012 alle 14:20

Carattere Identificato: Romeo

24/04/2012 alle 14:53

mann1n ha detto  
I know that this font is "Romeo D"

Caught me doing this a few weeks back right? Haha.

24/04/2012 alle 14:55

What can I say ? You got me on this one

Note to self : spend more time reading next time

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