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SuperBowl Font

09/01/2011 alle 01:35

Anyone have an idea what font this is? I saw somewhere else someone suggested denmark. That one is close, but not right.

SuperBowl Font

Carattere Identificato

Orbit  Suggeriti da theKVD 

Caratteri suggeriti

Xscale  Suggeriti da KEVTE54 
Hagane  Suggeriti da tophy52 

09/01/2011 alle 17:18

09/01/2011 alle 17:50

Hagane Is Both "SUPER BOWL" & "XLV"

12/01/2011 alle 01:56

Apparently it's actually Orbit from Thirstype. Only downside is it costs $100. Great font work, but I'm only going to use it once so i'm trying to find a way around that.
Carattere Identificato: Orbit

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22/01/2012 alle 17:28

i don't think it is orbit

22/01/2012 alle 17:36

i looked at all of the letters for the super bowl sign and i would have too say i have never got a good look at orbit village said that they had problems with loading up orbits but again when looked at all the letters of the supper bowl sign i would think it would be xscale the only different thing is the R
Carattere suggerito: Xscale

23/01/2012 alle 14:48

It is in fact Orbit Bold. I just received a file from Reebok and they forgot to outline the fonts used. the document asked for Orbit Bold.

30/04/2015 alle 00:47

It's not Orbit Bold. The Reebok doc must have been wrong. At least the W, E, R and S are clearly different structurally. It may be the closest we're gonna find tho. :(

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24/01/2020 alle 18:26

XSCALE is considerably closer than ORBIT...

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