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What font is the NOCO logo?

17/04/2012 alle 22:50

It looks like Avenir except the "C" isn't closed enough. And it's not Proxima Nova, which was pretty darn close. I don't think is it though, cause the" O" isn't as perfect of a circle, like it is in the NOCO logo.

What font is the NOCO logo?

Caratteri suggeriti

Gotham  Suggeriti da NOTJORDANWALKER 
Keep Calm Heavy  Suggeriti da pilaster 

18/04/2012 alle 00:29

How exact does it need to be?
Closest I can think of, off the top of my head is
Keep Calm Heavy.
Carattere suggerito: Keep Calm Heavy

18/04/2012 alle 11:17

Carattere suggerito: Gotham

18/04/2012 alle 11:25

I agree. Gotham Black.

18/04/2012 alle 14:50

Pretty close on both Keep Calm Heavy and Gotham. The "C" isn't as closed as in the logo though. Thank you soooo much for your input so far. There must be a font out there somewhere that matches it.

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