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Font submission

19/02/2021 alle 11:06

Hi everyone I submitted a font 3 days ago, and was wondering if anyone knows how long the decision process is before being notified? Thank you!

19/02/2021 alle 14:52

09/03/2021 alle 15:08

If review time is around two months then did some of my submissions fall through the cracks?

Most of the fonts I made in late 2020 seem to have been accepted, but there are still four fonts (Tuscan Black, Belleview, 16 Segment Display and Orthographix) that were uploaded sometime throughout December, which would mean it's now over three months.

Just curious about a status update to make sure they didn't get lost in the process.

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13/03/2021 alle 00:50

Datetime is the very first factor but not the only one at all, so the current average delay is yet between 2 and 3 months but it can be more or less (yours will be added at next update)

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