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Adsense Activation?

12/02/2021 alle 09:55

Hello everyone,

I just had my first font published on Dafont a little over a day ago which I'm excited about. I am trying to connect my adsense account to my dafont account. I have already copy pasted my publisher ID to the field in my dafont account area, and my publisher id is showing up in the ads.txt file.

But no ads are showing up on my font page, and when I go to there is an error message under sites that says "needs attention."

Have I set everything up correctly? Do I just need to wait for google to approve the new ads? If so, how long does it take for ads to start appearing on my fonts?

Thanks for your help in advance.

12/02/2021 alle 10:48

Are you sure you don't have an ad blocker installed on your browser?

12/02/2021 alle 11:51

Hello, I do have an ad blocker installed however I turned it off for as well as for Adsense. I have checked in incognito mode on my regular browser as well as on my phone browser (which has no ad blocker) and the ads are not displaying in either place.

12/02/2021 alle 12:03

I think you should give it some time.
I've checked for other new authors (added yesterday, like you), and ads also don't show up yet.

12/02/2021 alle 12:39

Ok, thank you for letting me know! I will check again in another week or so.

21/02/2021 alle 15:43

Hello, the ads are still not showing up for my account, can you please help me? Thank you

22/02/2021 alle 11:09


Did you check if you have any message in your adsense dashboard?

Another idea: when comparing your account with other authors added on the same day, it seems your author page didn't reach enough visitors to activate your adsense account yet.
There's got to be some sort of threshold.

22/02/2021 alle 14:46

On my adsense dashboard there is a message but it is only about a different site that isn't dafont related

When I click on the "sites" tab, I have dafont listed because I tried to add the site manually and it tells me that it isn't ready to show ads:

But I don't know if I even had to put dafont in the sites tab manually since the dafont google adsense page ( ) didn't say anything about doing this, I just thought it might work

Also I don't have a "Channel ID" put in on dafont but it says it's optional so I don't think I have to worry about it?

From the dafont adsense page again, it says:
"Make sure that the "Sites authorized to show ads" feature in your AdSense account is either set to "Allow any site to show ads for my account", or that is listed under your authorized sites.
You can check it through: Home > Account settings > Access and authorization > Sites authorized to show ads"

However I think this info is out of date because I can't find anywhere on adsense where I can select all sites to authorize my ads being shown, and there is no "account settings" under "Home" (there is home > account > settings > "Account information" OR "Personal Settings" but neither of these have any settings called access and authorization and I couldn't find that anywhere on adsense)

22/02/2021 alle 16:14

Is there something special when you click on "Show details" in your screenshot? And when you roll over the "Needs attention" ℹ️ ?
There are probably some important information behind it.

Yes, Channel ID is optional.
Regarding the missing menu item, their dashboard changed again. It changes really often. Damn...

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22/02/2021 alle 19:23

Here is what it shows when I roll over "needs attention":

And here is what it shows when I click on "show details"

23/02/2021 alle 16:27

hmmm did you try the "I've pasted the code into my site" checkbox and "Request review"?

23/02/2021 alle 19:28

Oh good idea, I just tried that and now it says it's getting ready.

Hope it works!

25/02/2021 alle 13:45

it's good

25/02/2021 alle 16:55

Yay they're showing up now! Thanks for your help!

25/02/2021 alle 17:15

you're welcome

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