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Font Identification

01/04/2012 alle 05:45

Anybody know what font(s) are used in this logo? Thanks in advance!

Font Identification

Caratteri Identificati

Nightbird  Suggeriti da frd 
Cold Night for Alligators  Suggeriti da frd 
KidTYPEPaint  Suggeriti da koeiekat 

01/04/2012 alle 15:45

"O" "D" "PREY"
Carattere Identificato: Nightbird

01/04/2012 alle 15:45

The other "O".
Carattere Identificato: Cold Night for Alligators

01/04/2012 alle 17:52

01/04/2012 alle 17:55


01/04/2012 alle 18:56

02/04/2012 alle 03:05

Thanks! Any chance for anybody to know what font is used for the word "Nightingales?"

02/04/2012 alle 09:29

You're welcome Unfortunately, the rest is still unknown It could be a font - the two "L" look alike - but it could also be a custom work.

02/04/2012 alle 21:29

For N, first I (1), first G, H (rotated), A, L, E and S.

What a load of crap
Carattere Identificato: KidTYPEPaint

02/04/2012 alle 21:33

Fuso orario: CEST. Ora sono le 23:57

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