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Fonte Esporte

18/08/2020 alle 14:28

Bom dia, por favor nŃo apague a postagem. Alguem poderia me ajudar a identificar essa fonte? Agradešo desde jß.

Fonte Esporte

Carattere Identificato

Peignot  Suggeriti da marty666 

Carattere suggerito

Pagnol Bold  Suggeriti da Hondo5834 

18/08/2020 alle 15:12

Carattere Identificato: Peignot

Modificato su 19/08/2020 alle 10:27 da marty666

18/08/2020 alle 15:12

That's the closed I could find, if it's the right font, it surely is modified (probably a D instead of the P).
Carattere suggerito: Pagnol Bold

18/08/2020 alle 15:13

marty666 ha detto  
a bit similar


I was also thinking of Peignot first, but Pagnol is closer in my opinion

18/08/2020 alle 15:20

Pagnol E and S are very far from OP's pic.
Peignot and Pagnol are both very off IMHO, let's wait for other replies

Modificato su 18/08/2020 alle 15:20 da marty666

18/08/2020 alle 15:22


18/08/2020 alle 15:24


18/08/2020 alle 15:28

marty666 ha detto  

Well done in German!
Prosit back buddy!

18/08/2020 alle 15:32

ich habe deutsch 8 Jahre gelernt, aber ich habe alles vergessen

18/08/2020 alle 15:48

funktioniert immer noch gut!

18/08/2020 alle 22:40

Still looks like Peignot to me, maybe I am missing something ...

Demi version, lower case, and heavied up a bit.

Just my two cents worth. Next!

19/08/2020 alle 10:27

You're right!
I guess i was still sleeping yesterday and didn't notice the black shadow that makes it bolder.
I also never noticed that the top/bottom of "s" is flat in Peignot Light and rounded in Peignot Demi/Bold.

19/08/2020 alle 17:37

God darn it, I didn't even check the small letters yesterday... It's obviously PEIGNOT!!

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