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30/03/2012 alle 14:20

Looking for the font, or a similar one for free, of the Supreme logo.


Carattere Identificato

Futura Heavy Oblique  Suggeriti da NOTJORDANWALKER 

Caratteri suggeriti

Century Gothic Bold Italic  Suggeriti da 527657 
Caviar Dreams  Suggeriti da voyager golden record 
Khmer UI  Suggeriti da PyroLlama 

30/03/2012 alle 14:34

Carattere Identificato: Futura Heavy Oblique

30/03/2012 alle 15:01

Your Choise...
Carattere suggerito: Futura
  (Gią suggerito qua)

30/03/2012 alle 15:19

No no no my friend, no links to illegal downloads.

30/03/2012 alle 15:34

Don't kill me please...which are legal links to....

30/03/2012 alle 15:37

Keep calm, nobody's gonna kill you Well, you know that Futura is a commercial font, so if you find it for free somewhere, it is illegal. Usually, people use MyFonts or to provide an appropriate commercial link if the font is available there. But there are no rules. The only rule is no illegal download links, which get remove anyway in case someone posts one

30/03/2012 alle 15:50

...oh yes!

27/04/2013 alle 23:05

Guys, I found an exact alternative and made na account just to show you...
You can use Century Gothic Bold Italic and font size 80 to get the exact copy of the supreme logo
Carattere suggerito: Century Gothic Bold Italic

28/04/2013 alle 01:54

Futura is definitely better than Century Gothic, but still not a perfect match (either modified or other font/publisher)

31/05/2018 alle 04:00

If you want a free text for the supreme, i recommend the Khmer UI, it looks a lot like it when it's bold and italicized, it should be on your computer already.
Carattere suggerito: Khmer UI

15/07/2018 alle 16:46

to be honest Caviar Dreams Bold Italic looks similar to it
Carattere suggerito: Caviar Dreams

Modificato su 15/07/2018 alle 16:47 da voyager golden record

15/07/2018 alle 17:14

to be honest, no

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