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Sans Sarfi with lines on the sides

28/03/2020 alle 13:05

Does anyone recognize this one? Not having much luck. Thanks!!!

Sans Sarfi with lines on the sides

Modificato su 28/03/2020 alle 13:05 da erinlavender

Carattere suggerito

Sugar Cookie  Suggeriti da fmontpetit 

28/03/2020 alle 13:40

The shape of the letters match perfectly... maybe it's an old version of this font?
Carattere suggerito: Sugar Cookie

28/03/2020 alle 15:09

Thank you so much....very similar!!!

28/03/2020 alle 19:54

erinlavender ha detto  
very similar!!!

lower case seems to be an exact match

29/03/2020 alle 15:32

Hard to tell, as the vectorization of OP is not good (i'm not talking about the fact that OP didn't read the forum rules and enlarged the pic).

The vectorization rounded and thickened the lines.
It even made the 2 "E" different.

But yeah, OP's sample definitely looks like Sugar Cookie lower case set.

Modificato su 29/03/2020 alle 15:33 da marty666

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