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Font of this Ratchet & Clank concept art

23/03/2020 alle 20:54

Hello everyone !

First post here, can someone help me to find the font in this artwork ?

I'm interested in the "METROPOLIS" part, and if it's not the same, the "City of adventure" part too...

Will someone be able to amaze me once more on this forum ???

Font of this Ratchet & Clank concept art

Caratteri Identificati

Eurostile  Suggeriti da fmontpetit 
Worlds At War  Suggeriti da fmontpetit 

23/03/2020 alle 20:58

Carattere Identificato: Eurostile

23/03/2020 alle 21:03

Carattere Identificato: Worlds At War

Modificato su 23/03/2020 alle 21:03 da fmontpetit

24/03/2020 alle 01:20

OMG I'm stunned !

Thank you very much for your quick reply

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