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Font in copyblogger logo?

21/02/2020 alle 04:24

Hi! Could you please help me identify the font used in the copyblogger logo? Or point me to a similar font? Thank you!!

Font in copyblogger logo?

Carattere Identificato

Museo Sans  Suggeriti da jerseygirl 

Carattere suggerito

Yorkten  Suggeriti da eddiezk 

22/02/2020 alle 16:49

May I bump this?

I just need recommendations for similar fonts. I'm doing a simple project with a long name (10 letters), that's why I think this type of font will help me craft a simple readable logo. You can probably tell I'm no graphics professional!


22/02/2020 alle 22:22

look like
Yorkten Medium
Yorkten Extended Medium
Carattere suggerito: Yorkten

23/02/2020 alle 01:23

eddiezk ha detto  
look like
Yorkten Medium
Yorkten Extended Medium


Thank you very much. Is there any similar free font or google font?

02/03/2020 alle 09:43

Carattere Identificato: Museo Sans

03/03/2020 alle 19:34

Thank you all very much!

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