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ladies and gentlemen, Could you please help me PLZ ??

24/12/2019 alle 10:01

Can someone help me to identify this police
Mérche d'or
coiffure esthétique
Also if you have any motif like the motif in the background
thnx a lot hope that you can help me

ladies and gentlemen, Could you please help me PLZ ??

Caratteri Identificati

Hallo Oyster  Suggeriti da 20121994 
Nuptial  Suggeriti da 20121994 
Nature Beauty  Suggeriti da marty666 
Impact  Suggeriti da marty666 

24/12/2019 alle 10:20

Carattere Identificato: Hallo Oyster

24/12/2019 alle 10:29

Thnx a lot man
and what about the coiffure esthétique font
also do you have any idea about the pattern ?

24/12/2019 alle 11:03

Carattere Identificato: Nuptial

24/12/2019 alle 12:59

24/12/2019 alle 13:01

"Méche D'or" on the door
Carattere Identificato: Impact

24/12/2019 alle 13:06

don't know what you call the pattern, but the face is already used
and tons of other places

Left pattern was designed by Negomat

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