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Font Identification, please

22/11/2019 alle 18:30

Does anyone know the font used on this, please? Thanks so much in advance.

Font Identification, please

Modificato su 22/11/2019 alle 19:47 da chainedhope

Carattere Identificato

Kiss Me Quick  Suggeriti da Heron2001 

22/11/2019 alle 22:26

Carattere Identificato: Kiss Me Quick

23/11/2019 alle 00:15

Thank you kindly! I thought I had seen it before but couldn't place it.
I appreciate your reply very much!

Best Regards-

23/11/2019 alle 20:58

Thank you Karen, you've made my day.

23/11/2019 alle 21:49

You're very welcome, Heron2001. Have a blessed weekend.

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