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WWE Friday Night SmackDown Oct 2019

31/08/2019 alle 00:02

Any clue on the "Friday Night" and "SmackDown" fonts? It seems like SmackDown might be Cairo Block otf (400) but I can't find a free version of that or figure out what Friday Night's font is, exactly. Just things that are close, like StateWide.

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Oct 2019

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Smack Laideth Down 2019  Suggeriti da xIIx David 

05/10/2019 alle 03:50

I don’t think it’s Cairo Block and StateWide, do you think?

05/10/2019 alle 05:00

Nope, I don't think it is. That's why I'm asking if anyone has any better ideas :(

14/03/2020 alle 23:13

Carattere suggerito: Smack Laideth Down 2019

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