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please, what font this?

29/02/2012 alle 02:24


please, what font this?

Caratteri suggeriti

Universal Accreditation  Suggeriti da badhabiter 
Univers 39 Ultra Thin  Suggeriti da sekmo 

29/02/2012 alle 10:16

Carattere suggerito: Universal Accreditation

29/02/2012 alle 10:22

Another font used for dvd's back covers called 'SteelTongs Regular'.. U can find it here:

29/02/2012 alle 15:08

thx badhabiter,thx very much.

29/02/2012 alle 18:55

Univers 39 Ultra thin, the original (and old) one!
Carattere suggerito: Univers 39 Ultra Thin

29/02/2012 alle 20:51

It's Bee font (Bee Three in this case), sekmo, the same Bee font that was already identified in the other thread you've posted

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