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Burberry font please

01/08/2019 alle 21:07

Burberry font please

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Next Art  Suggeriti da donshottype 
Radikal  Suggeriti da donshottype 
Apercu  Suggeriti da Kevinerr 

01/08/2019 alle 21:25

01/08/2019 alle 21:32

Next Art Bold is a similar font, free here at Dafont.
Note that the _G_ is quite different.
Carattere suggerito: Next Art

01/08/2019 alle 21:36

Radikal Black is another similar font. It has the same style for _G_
Carattere suggerito: Radikal

18/05/2020 alle 03:19

The font is Apercu
Carattere suggerito: Apercu

18/05/2020 alle 17:11

Kevinerr ha detto  
The font is Apercu

They do use Apercu on their web site. But the actual logo is a custom design by Peter Seville, just like @donshottype said.

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