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Why were my fonts rejected?

31/07/2019 alle 15:54

Hi, my two most recent submissions have been rejected. Can I know a reason why so I can fix and resubmit?

These are the fonts in question: and

01/08/2019 alle 01:01


They haven't been rejected. They have been reviewed and will be added in the future.

Thank you!

05/08/2019 alle 18:12

Thanks for the info! Every time I've submitted before and always had fonts included in the next update, so when they weren't included I assumed they were rejected. Why were they held in review?

06/08/2019 alle 01:05

The summer holidays have made everything a little bit slower.

19/08/2019 alle 11:32

Aah, those lazy hazy crazy days of summer!

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