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what is this font?

28/02/2012 alle 14:09

found in water battle at San Francisco farmer's market Feb 26, 2012. Unable to spell it. But the font is nice. What font is it?

what is this font?

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Bauhaus 93  Suggeriti da BryAlien 
Bauhaus  Suggeriti da MmtTyln 

28/02/2012 alle 16:02

Hi, Bauhaus I think... Not on Dafont .
Carattere suggerito: Bauhaus

Modificato su 28/02/2012 alle 16:09 da drf_

29/02/2012 alle 02:49

thanks MmtTyln for your help. I do not think this font is exactly Bauhaus. The lower 'r' is not the same. The "b" is a match. But, most except is the letter before "r" - I think that is a "a". This is quite different with Bauhaus. Most people will not be able to make it out as an "a". Don't you agree?

29/02/2012 alle 20:30

it's feel like Bauhaus 93
Carattere suggerito: Bauhaus 93

29/02/2012 alle 23:20

agree, you are right. I notice the "a" is actually shown upside down. No wonder.

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