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epic rap battles of history

27/02/2012 alle 21:05

Just looking for Rap and History - I already had the others.

epic rap battles of history

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Budmo  Suggeriti da Myotis 
Retro Party  Suggeriti da rayhan 
Ascent 2 Stardom  Suggeriti da Rodolphe 
NeoPrint M319  Suggeriti da SashiX 

27/02/2012 alle 21:07

Carattere Identificato: Budmo

27/02/2012 alle 21:13

Awesome! Anyone know about Rap??

28/02/2012 alle 11:43

Carattere Identificato: Retro Party

05/03/2012 alle 19:35

What about the font for "battles"?

05/03/2012 alle 19:39

Carattere Identificato: Ascent 2 Stardom

05/03/2012 alle 22:41

Thank you!

16/03/2012 alle 00:08

What are the fonts for "Epic" and "of"?

16/03/2012 alle 03:29

I think I just used Arial. It might be something different, though.

19/03/2012 alle 22:08


05/12/2012 alle 01:21

Dionic ha detto  
What are the fonts for "Epic" and "of"?

Carattere Identificato: NeoPrint M319

05/12/2012 alle 01:26

01/08/2013 alle 04:36

What about the "VS?"

08/12/2013 alle 16:23

What about the subtitles?

04/07/2016 alle 23:24

TheKafucito ha detto  
What about the subtitles?

The subtitles are Lucida Grande.

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