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Cannot remove the "Demo" signs from the font high tide!!

09/07/2019 alle 19:54

Please help! Trying to remove the "Demo" wingdings from the font, high tide in Photoshop CC. I have tried closing the program and re-opining it, but they are still there.

10/07/2019 alle 08:49

Limit yourself to the characters that's on the font - alphabets (A-Z, a-z) and numbers (0-9). Do not use characters that are not on the font as these will show the "DEMO" glyph.

If for some reason you need other characters that were not included in the demo font, buy the full version of the font which costs US$28 at the foundry site or US$34 at YWFT

10/07/2019 alle 13:05

thank you so much!!

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