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Logo Font

15/02/2012 alle 09:42

Hi all,
Really need to find this font. I do not have any other clearer of bigger version. I have found a few close ot it. Alexis, Xirod and Battlefield, but cant find the exact.
Please Help asap

Logo Font

Modificato su 15/02/2012 alle 09:42 da Teasg24

Carattere Identificato

Alexis  Suggeriti da frd 

15/02/2012 alle 09:46

It really looks like Alexis Italic to me

Leave the "asap" though, no-one likes to help people in a hurry
Carattere Identificato: Alexis

15/02/2012 alle 09:48

Thanks for that.
It does really look like Alexis I know, but the N and the R and the T are different. I might just have to substitute other fonts in
Thanks again

15/02/2012 alle 09:51

Have you tried using lowercase ? Look at the 7th font in the list using the link I gave you, it should do the trick

15/02/2012 alle 09:52

Oh jeez im stupid!!!! MASSIVE thanks for pointing that out! I would have kept looking and looking! deeerrrr

15/02/2012 alle 09:53

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