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Grammy font?

13/02/2012 alle 02:25

Grammy font?

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Carattere Identificato

Arual  Suggeriti da a120 

Caratteri suggeriti

Avant Garde  Suggeriti da Panther37 
Futura  Suggeriti da FVKE 

13/02/2012 alle 06:18

Here's some help as I've been trying to figure this out too.
More font examples:

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14/02/2012 alle 03:05

Great font, here it is
Carattere Identificato: Arual

14/02/2012 alle 04:39

Ha, "54" is Avant Garade Light or something similar. I don't blame them, 3 and 4 could use some work, maybe an angled top fot the 3 and pointed top for the 4. Thank you for the identification.
Carattere suggerito: Avant Garde

14/02/2012 alle 04:56

ahhh you're totally right about the 54 - and yes it was a good decision to clean up those numbers a bit...but they didn't quite get the stroke right did they

07/02/2016 alle 23:41

Aural is the text (not the numbers), however historically the GRAMMY font is Futura Light
Carattere suggerito: Futura

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