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Dymo but not Dymo?

03/01/2019 alle 12:39

I'd really like to find some fonts which appear to be on a tape, but not embossed like Dymo.

Something simple, like a Helvetica font, but on a solid black background. And not embossed!

Does anybody know of one?

Does anybody know what such fonts are called?


03/01/2019 alle 12:44

03/01/2019 alle 12:47

Kind of... it's too much of a 'style', I'm really after something very plain and simple (for web use by the way).

03/01/2019 alle 12:54

If you only want to use this black background style for a website, it's going to be much easier to use CSS to do that background honestly. Plus you get to use any font you like in the first place.

03/01/2019 alle 12:59

Thanks for that... how easy is it to do that? I am just an amateur and built my site using zero-coding Blocsapp.

03/01/2019 alle 14:07

It depends how much you already know but it's honestly not that hard. You should try to learn a little bit about CSS and properties like "background-color" (for the background of your text) or "color" (for your text).

Edit: I don't know much about Blocsapp but it seems like something you can easily achieve without even knowing CSS.

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