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Need to reach a dafont Administrator

23/12/2018 alle 01:03

Due to a hacking attempt (which compromised my private email server), I was forced to delete my website, email and the hosting services (since I no longer trust their security). However, I didn't change my dafont account, since it was secure, but after my website came down, dafont no longer recognized my password. Thus, now I need a dafont Administrator to transfer my purchases to this new account, so I can prove I own my legally purchased fonts (though I DO retain the downloaded licenses and email exchanges granting me permissions).

Is there anyway to contact them directly, or do I just post here and hope they'll notice it?

23/12/2018 alle 08:26

Transfer your purchases? There's nothing to purchase on dafont.

27/12/2018 alle 16:30

Sorry, I must have been remembering another font site then, as I distinctly remembering ordering a small number of fonts, even though most of the site's fonts were free (like dafont, but unlike the setup in fontspring, where every sale goes through them).

But if you've never handled the sales yourself, then I have nothing to worry about. That's a good thing, since instead of giving ME access, they instead sent the hacker a new password for them to continue to use, which is LESS than helpful!

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