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FONT for free!

06/12/2018 alle 22:20

Font: El Dorado

I found: Milio DemiBold but need it for free.

07/12/2018 alle 09:06

It's a commercial font, so if you need to use it, you'll have to buy it.

07/12/2018 alle 14:26

Theres no way to get it free ?

07/12/2018 alle 16:32


27/12/2018 alle 16:36

Providing you a commercial font for free not only violates copyright law (across a string of countries, given dafont's reach), but also implicates dafont and the designer in a 'conspiracy' to violate copyright law, opening them up to a host of financial (but few, if any) criminal penalties). (In that circumstance, the conspiracy only matters in the judge's determination of financial liability owned the original copyright owner, but since it's fairly damning, it WOULD influence the final determination.)

27/12/2018 alle 21:56

Tengo la misma consulta con la fuente NEC, como puedo saber quien es el creador?

Fuso orario: CEST. Ora sono le 11:24

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