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How to send a message to someone.

26/11/2018 alle 02:02

I want to message someone but I don't know how. Can somebody tell me how plz?

26/11/2018 alle 07:22

Click on the name of the member that appears in font listings, comments on a font or messages posted on the forum. The click will bring you to that member's profile.

Example when I click on your name, it brings me to

If you see a Send a private message button, click on that button to send that member a message. That member will be notified by email of a new message in his PM inbox.

Sometimes an email address is also shown on a member's profile page. If there's one, then you can use that also.

Remember that there is no guarantee that the message will reach the intended recipient. It depends entirely on whether the member is still logging in to his/her Dafont account and/or she/he has not abandoned the email address he/she is using here at Dafont. However, if the member is active on the forum, it is very likely that he/she will read your message.

26/11/2018 alle 09:25

NoPictures : do as you used to do with your older account, the system didn't change in 12 hours

28/11/2018 alle 03:12

Thanks admins.

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