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The kerning still doesn't work and is set in a way that doesn't work at dafont (we use the GD library of PHP)

15/11/2018 alle 18:37

Hi folks,

so i've tried to submit a font twice now, but both times a kerning error is stopping its submission. The error included in the email is apparently the issue, but I do not understand what any of that means, and so I cannot come to a solution.

Does anyone know how I might fix such an issue?

Additional info:
- 187 glyphs
- 871 kerning pairs

16/11/2018 alle 10:13


I assume you're talking about your Ittally font you submitted recently. The problem is that the kerning can't be displayed and it leaves naughty spaces between letters, especially around the "ll" ligature, with the "a" and "y". The truth is, you almost don't need kerning for this kind of font and you can work around with better connections and spacing. Your glyphs don't have the same "connection" point, and sometimes no connection at all, which makes the whole thing a little bit wonky and gives you unnecessary work to kern all that.

Another trick you could use, would be to create a glyph with your font name in it. This way you can put all the alternate letters, ligatures, etc, you want in create a kick ass glyph. Don't forget to map it in the private use area and add a Unicode value.

I hope this helps.

16/11/2018 alle 13:53

Thanks for the reply!

I realised I had too many kerning pairs, likely resulting in issues (which I found in microsoft word also)

187 glyphs and 871 kerning pairs - totally unnecessary with proper spacing, so I started again and now have 54 kerning pairs. The issue in word has now disappeared, so hopefully it will upload.

The two ligatures "itt" and "ll" are in the PUA with unicodes, so my fingers are crossed for it to display properly on dafont!

16/11/2018 alle 16:50

You're welcome!

Yes, proper spacing really helps on fonts like this one. Word is definitely not the best tool to test your kerning though.

You can submit it again and I'll let you know if everything seems fine!

16/11/2018 alle 16:54

I think I actually submitted it twice :/

Though I believe the latest submission is the one to use. Quick question, and I know this has probably been asked a million times, but how often do you guys upload fonts to the website? Is it just as and when you can or do you have set days?

16/11/2018 alle 17:09

Oh yes you have indeed, I hadn't seen your latest submissions from last night but now I see them. I checked the latest one and it is better indeed.

Concerning your last question, there is unfortunately no general rule. We upload new fonts as often as possible but it depends on a lot of things.

16/11/2018 alle 17:45

Awesome, you must have a lot of work to do sifting through all font submissions to check which are problematic.

Thanks again for your responses :-)

16/11/2018 alle 17:51

You're welcome! And yes we do!

18/12/2018 alle 16:49

Hi, I have recived the same mail when I try to submit my font... what can I do to fix that problem?

18/12/2018 alle 16:56

18/12/2018 alle 17:10

Well, I fixed the metrics and the kerning, I hope it works.
Thank you

18/12/2018 alle 17:18

It doesn't have anything to do with the metrics. To start with, spacing could definitely be adjusted as mentioned in the message. Which software do you use to create your fonts? It makes ours crash when we try to open it.

18/12/2018 alle 18:10

I use Font Creator

19/12/2018 alle 17:25

Your latest submission seems to work. It seems like you managed to fix the issue, did you change any setting in Font Creator?

19/12/2018 alle 18:18

no, just update to the latest version, before I had an old one

23/12/2018 alle 01:12

Isn't it nice when everything works out.

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