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Rockstar Games Vintage

26/09/2018 alle 06:49

Looking for all four fonts.

Rockstar Games Vintage

Caratteri Identificati

Castlerock  Suggeriti da pilaster 
Bandit  Suggeriti da pilaster 

Carattere suggerito

Galveston TX  Suggeriti da pilaster 

26/09/2018 alle 13:08

'ockstar' & 'ames' are likely based on this, but it's a 'homage' to a Sanborn Insurance Map cover (If you haven't heard of them, a quick image search is well worth it), as is Galveston TX so could be another out there. Also, if it is based on Galveston TX it's 'modified'.
Carattere suggerito: Galveston TX

26/09/2018 alle 13:12

New York City
Carattere Identificato: Castlerock

26/09/2018 alle 13:27

1998 looks like this.
Carattere Identificato: Bandit

27/09/2018 alle 07:22

pilaster ha detto  
1998 looks like this.


Thank you.

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