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can someone name the fonts with red check?

30/07/2018 alle 13:17

can someone name the fonts with red check?

Caratteri Identificati

Melts Script Roman  Suggeriti da 20121994 
Alpha Mack AOE  Suggeriti da 20121994 
Di Mare  Suggeriti da yo violetta 

30/07/2018 alle 13:37

Carattere Identificato: Melts Script Roman

30/07/2018 alle 13:53

20121994 ha detto  
Melts Script Roman

Hi! I already identified the Melts Script Roman one. I'm actually looking for the handwriting font below it and the font of the date.

Thank you anyway!

30/07/2018 alle 15:01

Carattere Identificato: Alpha Mack AOE

31/07/2018 alle 03:45

Thanks a bunch!! God bless you!

31/07/2018 alle 22:34

Aug. 1
Carattere Identificato: Di Mare

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