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Windows is not showing full font families?

26/06/2018 alle 00:57

Hey everyone,
I have a really annoying problem on my kind of new Windows 10 computer. As always I have installed fonts by simply copying the font files into my Windows/font folder or by opening up the fonts, the show fine and I then click install. Windows starts the process of installing the fonts, no errors, everything is fine. If I now refresh the fonts in the folder, the font family appears BUT if I open up the variants it shows for example only 3 of 18 variants? Where is the rest? I have checked if I have access to the full range in Photoshop but I also can only use the 3 which I can also see in the font folder. So ok, maybe a problem when I copied the files but NO, if I then copy the files again I get the message that all these fonts/variants are already installed and I get asked if I want to install them again. So I say yes but sadly no change. In fact, when I did this, one font variant disappeared and another appeared. So I really don't know what is going on :( I really need to have access to the full range of the font family, not only 2 or 3 of the less used variants. What is causing this problem?


26/06/2018 alle 01:47

My guess would be faulty font naming. Did you buy the fonts? Or were they downloaded somewhere?

26/06/2018 alle 08:05

I downloaded them, they are free fonts. So even if Windows doesn't recognize them as one font family, shouldn't they be visible at least with different naming in the list? But they are not visible at all?

26/06/2018 alle 08:29

External file names are irrelevant. I'm guessing some of the internal font names are the same -- and that's a problem for Windows. Can be repaired if you have a font editor.

Can you provide a legitimate link to where you downloaded from? Then we could actually look at the fonts. If not, I can only theorize

26/06/2018 alle 09:54

For example this font pack of the Futura font. I know Futura is a commercial font to use, but just as an example:
[link removed]

I can have a look regarding other fonts which didn't work tonight.

edit marty666 : removed illegal URL

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26/06/2018 alle 09:59

Asking for specific features on fake illegal rip-offs ?

26/06/2018 alle 10:13

I see that this was a bad example......I will have a look if I find another one tonight.

26/06/2018 alle 21:08

No, it's a perfect example of the "you get what you pay for" principle. That's why I asked if you'd purchased or downloaded.

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