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Can't Find Font I Know the Name of

20/06/2018 alle 23:33

Hi. I pretty much have the exact opposite problem to what everyone else has. I know the name of the font and I know what it looks like, but I can't find it ANYWHERE (not even a use of it in a picture or anything like that). It's called "Expo M." Not "Expo Marker," just "Expo M." It was on my computer when I got Windows 10, but ever sine I re-installed Windows after my hard drive got fried, it wasn't there. There are only three things I know for absolute certain:

- The number 1 looks like an upside-down capital "L" (straight line with a hat on top on the left side)
- The number 0 is a perfect circle
- It supports Korean characters

...but if you were to show me the font I could tell you right away if it was the one. Like I said, it came with Windows 10 the first time I had it, so if you happen to have it on your computer (or somehow find a copy of it online), I would love to get my hands on a copy of it again because it's a font that I really liked. Thanks in advance if you can find it.

20/06/2018 alle 23:42

Hi maybe this 휴먼세엑스포

20/06/2018 alle 23:43

That's exactly it! Thank you so much!

20/06/2018 alle 23:47

You are welcome !

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