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A quick question about type symbols

19/06/2018 alle 10:53

I've downloaded n successfully used the fonts in my software program but here's my question, some fonts have cute symbols listed under some keys I cannot find on my keyboard, does anyone know how to type those symbols out please?

I know the characters map has them all but I cannot copy and then paste on my program as it turns up a question mark. I just want to know if there's a way to type it out from my keyboard?


19/06/2018 alle 14:29

Let's take an example :

- Look at the character map on this page.
- Let's say you want to use that swirly thing that looks like an horizontal S
- In the white square, you can read "[ 0091"

All you have to do is type [ on your keyboard if you have it, or ALT+0091 if you don't.
Then you'll have that swirly thing.

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